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Towards a more informed arbitration bar

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About Us

Dear Advocates, Students and Professionals associated with Arbitration, 


This blog is an attempt by its promoters to create an environment for discussion on the functioning and working of Arbitral Tribunals and the interaction of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 with the Tribunals. This blog will attempt to de-mystify the laws as argued in connection with the Arbitration Acts across the globe which are based on the UNCITRAL Model Law of 1996 and address the working of contractual provisions as argued in trial. This attempt is also to get members of the bar working in arbitration, across global jurisdictions, to express their views in connection to the working of Arbitral Tribunals, drawing from their own experiences and to involve them in making this blog a practical approach to arbitration rather than a theoretical one. Besides dealing with modalities of functioning of Arbitral Tribunals, this blog from time to time will also keep its readers updated about the major shifts and trends of International Commercial Arbitration.

As the name of this blog would suggest, we are attempting to look specifically at the workings of Arbitral Tribunals and not the aspects of the Arbitration Act beyond the Arbitral Tribunals. In all, we would like to raise the level of arbitration advocacy in India and around the world and promote greater discussions on various aspects of arbitration. The same will be done while maintaining confidentiality of all the stakeholders of the arbitration from which the participants will draw their experiences.

With regards,


Gaurav Rai and Gautam Mohanty

Editors, The Arbitration Workshop

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